Ronnie Magri is a noted American drummer, percussionist and producer who can be heard in many different musical circles. His style of playing is varied and he has been associated with artists in the rock, rhythm & blues, jazz and burlesque genres.

Magri's drumming style displays a diverse set of influences, from early jazz drummers like Gene Krupa to Earl Palmer and the early drummers of rock & roll. It is in subtly combining these influences as well as the drum stylings of New Orleans "street beats" & "second line drumming" that Magri's style is truly brought forth. - 

"Welcome to my website! As I continue to record and perform with a wide range of groups and projects, please check back for my latest going-ons. I hope you enjoy this site, find it useful and keep checking back for updates or to discuss future projects and collaborations". 

Ronnie Magri - December 2014



Want to hear Ronnie's latest music and going on's in the studio? Join him at SoundCloud and hear them first. From Lounge Grooves and Brazilian Beats to Cinematic Raunchiness & Funky Fusion... you’re not going to want to miss a beat!  ▶︎Click Here◀︎




★ The Critically Acclaimed Debut Solo Album from Ronnie Magri ★ 

"The music on the CD is uniformly excellent... Magri and associates swing and they have fun doing it. You may have heard 'Moonglow' or 'Stormy Weather' or 'Mood Indigo' before, but never with such a sweltering, scintillating sense of satiny sleaze. "Offbeat Magazine New Orleans"  


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"Magri shuffles, struts, and swings with understatement and slushy propulsion... And his slower beats could corrupt youth.".

Modern Drummer Magazine